The Willows Giveaway Wedding 2021 | Lubbock Event Venue

The Willows Giveaway Wedding 2021 | Lubbock Event Venue

March 8, 2022

For The Willows Event Center 2021 Wedding Giveaway contest, we asked the Lubbock community to submit nominations for someone they believed deserved a completely free wedding at our Lubbock event venue!

After a few weeks, we received a nomination that blew us away. This special couple’s story and the sincerity and love we felt through the nomination is why we made the decision to host their wedding at The Willows Event Center with an emphatic ‘Yes!’

Meet Stephanie & Adam

Stephanie was diagnosed in her early twenties with a very rare neurological genetic disorder. It is progressive and requires special care. She expressed that she didn’t think she would ever find anyone to love her because of her condition, but then she met Adam. Adam and Stephanie started as friends, but over time, that friendship bloomed into a romantic connection to last a lifetime.

The Big Day

We hosted Stephanie and Adam’s wedding day on October 3rd, 2021. It was one to remember – full of joy, love and celebration down to every last detail!

The ceremony was breathtaking and a unique reflection of their relationship. When Stephanie walked out and Adam saw his bride for the first time, you could feel the emotion in the air.

After the ceremony, we did a ‘latte hour’ in our Garden! Gold Stripe Coffee Cart served up delicious drinks while the guests had a blast with The Grinnery open air photo booth. We ended the night in the event center and courtyard celebrating Stephanie and Adam coming together as one alongside the ones they loved most.

A Note from the Wedding Specialist

“For me, this wedding was one of my favorites that I have ever coordinated. I was so incredibly honored to be a small part of it. This couple and their family truly felt like my own family. I will forever be inspired by the love they have for one another through good times and the hard times. It is a day in my career that I will remember forever!”


The Vendors

The Wedding Giveaway wouldn’t have been possible without our preferred vendors who so generously gave their services, time, and care to create an unforgettable wedding day for Stephanie and Adam at our Lubbock event venue. Let’s show them some love!

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