Young and in Love | Lubbock Wedding Venue

Young and in Love | Lubbock Wedding Venue

May 18, 2022

Kaylee and Andy Young were all set to get married in March of 2020 when Covid put their plans on pause. After waiting for two years, they were finally able to have the wedding of their dreams at our Lubbock event center. The Young’s love for one another was expressed beautifully through every detail of their ceremony. Here are a few things that made their big day so memorable!

The Dress

Kaylee’s dress was beautiful and completely one-of-a-kind! It was designed and made by her matron of honor and featured a beautiful, long-flowing cape in place of a veil. Capes are becoming increasingly popular, and Kaylee made it look stunning! The dress also had four leaves sewn on to represent the couple’s dogs. Overtop, Kaylee wore a fabulous fur coat that she borrowed from Tucker of Tucker Floral.

The Unity Item

Kaylee and Andy chose to honor the unity of their marriage through a unique Kintsugi Ceremony. This is a Japanese tradition where the couple breaks an item, in this case a plate, and it is repaired with gold or silver lacquer. The Kintsugi Ceremony represents how mended things can be even more beautiful than they were originally.

The Reception

Kaylee is a performer with Moonlight Musicals and other local theatre groups, and many of her and Andy’s guests came together to share their skills and passions at the Young’s wedding. Throughout the reception, their friends sang and performed for the couple. Their families even put together a flash mob! One of the performances was by 13-year-old Selah, who sang alongside her brother. This one was especially meaningful because Selah also made the wedding cake! Selah blew everyone away with her delicious baking skills and beautiful singing!

After all their waiting, we were so honored to host Kaylee and Andy’s wedding at our Lubbock event center. We wish them a lifetime of love and laughter! Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Young!


Dress: Matron of Honor  

Bride’s Cake:Selah’s Sassy Sweets

Florist/Designer:Tucker Floral 

DJ:Bill Vlahos – DJ Wild Bill  

Photographer: Lauren Clark 

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