Jessica Ormond Events | Vendor Spotlight

Jessica Ormond Events | Vendor Spotlight

August 28, 2019

Can you tell us the history of Jessica Ormond Events?

Planning my wedding as a 21-year-old revealed to me that I thrived when balancing and using both my analytical and my creative sides. This led me to pick up a part-time position as a venue coordinator—where I learned what it takes to make a wedding day flow seamlessly.

As I used YouTube to learn all about floral design, I practiced new planning and design skills on friends and family. In 2010, I officially launched Jessica Ormond Events in Oregon where we lived at the time. It was a solid side business but part time as I juggled my full-time career and roles as a wife and mom. In 2015, our family moved to Lubbock, I had the opportunity to make Jessica Ormond Events my career focus.

In your opinion, what are the best seasonal wedding flowers for bouquets, and why?

The best seasonal flowers are the ones that are truly in-season.

First because seasonal flowers are the best version of themselves; fuller blooms, strong stems, sweeter scents.

Second, season flowers add a true sense of time to your bouquet. They are a marker that tells of your real-life historical moment that had a date, a place, a season.

That said my favorite seasonal flowers vary year to year but are generally the ones that are truly seasonal.

What are some unique ways to personalize a bridal bouquet?

I strive to make each bouquet unique to the bride.

Even when I use the same flowers for two brides the final design is never the same.

A wedding should be as meaningful as it is beautiful and sometimes that means including mementos of significance. Such as wrapping the bouquet in a piece of your mother or grandmother’s dress, a locket with a picture of a family member who can’t be with you on your big day, or heirloom pieces such as a broach or necklace.

If something is special to you, we can find a way to include it. I once discretely tucked a silk butterfly (a symbol of her mother who had passed a few years before) into the blooms of a bride’s bouquet.

What advice might you give a bride who is trying to decide which flowers to use in her bouquet?

Trust your florist! Share what is important to you such as color and/or style. (Speaking of style; make sure you like most of what a florist is posting of their current work.) Don’t forget to tell me what you dislike.Giving me the freedom to pick your flowers not only takes stress off you but allows me to create the best design from the best flowers for your wedding style, dress, venue, and season.

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