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Steps to Planning your Dream Wedding – Lubbock Dream Wedding Venue

Steps to Planning your Dream Wedding – Lubbock Dream Wedding Venue

April 22, 2020

Wedding planning should be a fun time full of memories that will last forever. At times, this process can be overwhelming. Here are a few steps that can help get you started!


1 ) Enjoy your new fiancé & engagement

Congratulations on your engagement! Spend some time soaking up the excitement of planning your future together.


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2) Tell your family & friends

Hop on FaceTime or drive on over to tell your loved ones the big news!

You don’t need to have an exact date picked out at this point. It’s actually best if you don’t! Narrow it down to a certain month or time of year and keep an open mind on specific dates. This will give you flexibility when you begin looking at venues. You can base your decision off which venue you love the best rather than being restricted by their available dates.

3) Create a budget

Knowing your overall budget will help you make decisions throughout the planning process. This will be important when selecting your venue and booking each of your vendors. Monitoring your budget and keeping track of expenses as you plan will help you decide where to cut cost and where to treat yourself! Some brides prefer the most high-end cake, while others prioritize the venue or photography. Decide which details are most important to you and work those into your budget first!

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4) Create your guest list

Sit down with your fiancé and create a list of all the family and friends each of you want at your wedding. Make sure you look at venues that can accommodate the number of guests you are expecting to attend.

5) Choose a venue

Now that you have decided on a certain time of year and the guest list, you can begin looking at venues! Reach out to your favorite venues to schedule tours. Scheduled tours are the best way to see each venue in person and gather all of the information you need about each space!

6) Secure the date

Now that you have seen the venues (and hopefully decided on one) you are ready to make a deposit and secure the date for your DREAM wedding!

7) Find your dream wedding dress

This is the detail most of us have dreamed of since we were little girls! Gather up all your best girlfriends and head out to a few bridal boutiques. Make a day of it and enjoy making memories together.

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8) Hire your vendors

Ask your venue for their preferred vendors list. This is the best way to narrow down the search for great vendors! Begin calling the vendors on this list to gather information on their packages, rates, and availability.

9) Send Save-the-Dates

You should give your guests as much notice as possible. Send out your Save-the-Dates as early as you can so your guests can mark their calendars!

Once you have taken these steps, most of the work is behind you. Treat yourself to a date night with your fiancé to celebrate all the effort you have put into making your dream wedding a reality!

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