Please review the policies below for The Grove campus, on which the Willows Event Center resides. The information below will address decorations, as well as our food and drink policy. We appreciate your cooperation in adhering to all policies while on The Grove campus.


|| No nailing, stapling, taping, gluing, adhesives, Command Strips©, etc. on any walls, door frames, windows, floors, or ceiling.

|| No items can be attached to or hung from the ceiling.

|| Decorations must be removed immediately after the event and within the agreed upon time frame.

|| No birdseed, rice, glitter, confetti, flower petals (faux or real), etc. can be used or thrown on the property.

|| Trash must be picked up and thrown into trash cans at the end of the night.

|| No decoration or fabrics with loose glitter can be used.

|| Live candles cannot be used inside or outside of the buildings.

|| All decorations must be approved by The Willows staff.

Food + Beverage

|| Beer, wine and champagne only; no unauthorized drinks

|| Maximum of four hours of serving time

|| Security guards are required for events where alcohol is served