The Willows Event Center

When looking around our campus, the names tend to catch our guests’ attention. Everywhere you look, there are names that resemble trees – Pecan, Walnut, Willow, and The Grove among others. It seems to be a common theme, but how did it come about?

The Betenbough family had a vision of a Kingdom Business Training and Equipping Center, which featured a venue space intended to invite people to learn about marketplace ministry. As the vision developed, The Willows Event Center came to be!

They knew that there had to be a collection of people to make their dream a reality. They were reminded of the verse below which talks about one of Jesus’ miracles where the blind man is healed and sees people that resemble trees walking. From this point on in the Bible, trees are used synonymously for people. “The Grove” campus represents that collection of trees, or people, coming together to connect with each other from all different walks of life.

Where it all began

Our journey started in 1992 with a father-son duo who had a big dream to deliver quality homes at the most competitive price. Ron and Rick Betenbough teamed up to do just that here in West Texas when they opened up Betenbough Homes. Upon starting their business, they were called to do more than just make a profit and decided to donate business profits to different ministries around West Texas.

Along their journey, the Betenboughs have established employee-owned companies that collectively strive for excellence, growth, generosity, and unity in all they do. They branched out into different business opportunities beginning with opening Cornerstone Support Services to support and serve all of our business entities. Next came Alcove Farms (a restorative, urban farm), and now The Willows Event Center. All the while they were exponentially growing their home building business and surpassed 7,000 homes in communities across West Texas in 2018.

With the birth of Betenbough Homes, Rick and Ron established a covenant to honor God with their business. From the beginning, the power of God and His Kingdom have been at work in all our companies. All companies share a common purpose: To reveal God and His Kingdom through our work in the marketplace.

Bell Tower History

Our bell featured in the bell tower was cast by the original McShane Bell foundry in Baltimore, MD. The current McShane Bell foundry purchased the chattels from the original foundry after it closed. Our bell was originally in the First Baptist Church of Pleasantville, NJ, (now called Crossroads Fellowship), near Atlantic City, NJ. After many years of use, the bell was removed from the tower because it was declared unfit to hold the bell. The bell was placed beside the church until it came to us in 2017. We were able to restore it and added it to our bell tower in the garden that rings on every hour and half hour.

The front of the bell is inscribed:
(Translated from the German: “Hallowed be Thy Name”)

The back of the bell is inscribed:
Trade mark.