New guidelines have been released regarding outdoor events. After meeting with our leadership team, we can move forward with outdoor wedding ceremonies for up to 120 guests due to their “religious” classification and social distancing options in our courtyard. (Executive Order GA 28 Paragraph 1b)

Indoor wedding receptions and other events will continue to operate at 50% capacity which is 120 guests. We will be seating 6 people per table and the tables will be separated with at least 6ft clearance.

All staff will be wearing face coverings when in contact with guests when unable to maintain social distance.

Signs will be posted throughout the venue to remind people to social distance, wash hands and use disinfectant. Our staff will continue to disinfect high traffic areas throughout the event.

We are asking guests to create seating charts for us to help ensure households are sitting together to minimize guests’ contact.

These guidelines are currently in effect throughout July 2020. Please contact us if you have any further questions.


  • Beginning Friday May 22nd, we are able to operate at 50% capacity for wedding ceremonies and receptions which is 110 guests at the venue.
  • Beginning Friday May 22nd, we are also able to operate at 50% capacity for all other events which is 110 guests at the venue.

These numbers are for guest count and are not effected by venue staff, catering staff or event vendors.

Our previous post about updated policies will still be in effect.




As we begin to start hosting guests in our space, we will be making adjustments to our usual event staff, food and beverage policies and procedures. For all events until further notice, these are our venue’s plans.

The Willows team will:

  • Wear a mask when close to guests and around food and beverages
  • Maintain an appropriate amount of distance from the guests whenever possible
  • Disinfect all tables/chairs down before guests arrive
  • Disinfect door handles down where guests will be arriving
  • Set out hand sanitation stations by the front entrance and throughout the venue
  • -Prop open main entrance of the Garden gate and all other inside/outdoor doors that can be to reduce high contact
  • Disinfect high traffic areas every 30 minutes while wearing gloves (elevator buttons, railing, door knobs, locks in the restroom stalls, etc.)
  • Wash hands after wiping down areas
  • Wear gloves to throw away or throw out any trash, as well as when handling it
  • Disinfect door handles and put sanitation station away.

Food and beverage will be adjusted by: 

  • Reception tables will be sat no more than 6 guests at each and we highly encourage only family units to sit together
  • Food service will not begin until all guests are seated at the banquet table
  • Hors d’oeuvres, “grazing tables” and/or charcuterie will be placed on the banquet tables in a “family-style” fashion
  • Buffets will be transitioned to a plated meal that will be served per table by the caterers who will wear masks and gloves while handling food
  • After each table is serviced, the caterers will wash and disinfect their hands
  • Water will be brought to the banquet tables as small water bottles or in self-serve carafes
  • Beverage cups cannot be reused after first use
  • The banquet tables are not able to be pre-set with any items other than decor before guests are seated
  • We recommend cutlery to be disposable and silverware must be pre-rolled in napkins
  • Tables will not be cleared by our staff until after guests have left the venue, guests are welcome to use trash cans around the venue throughout the event if needed

Other policies for the venue include: 

  • Guests entering and exiting the venue through one entrance which is our main Garden gate. It will be the only Garden gate open at the beginning and end of an event
  • The Willows reserves the right to end an event early if safe protocols are not being followed by guests or hosts


Update to wedding receptions:

Governor Abbott has announced that wedding receptions are no longer considered a “social gathering” and can follow the same 25% occupancy guidelines like a wedding ceremony.

All other events are still considered social gatherings and are still limited to 10 people.

Here is a link to his new order.


To our Willows guests, we thank each of you for working with us during this time. We are always here to serve you!

The past few days have brought updates to our ability to begin to host events again at our venue. As of today, this is what we know about the Stage 1 re-opening of Texas.

For wedding ceremonies, we have been given the ability to host at 25% capacity in our outdoor spaces. That specifically means we can have up to 60 guests in our Garden or Courtyard space. The ceremony chairs must be cleaned prior to and after the ceremony. We also will distance the chairs from each other and must encourage parties coming from different homes to stay 6 feet apart.

Wedding receptions are considered a “social gathering” and those are still to be held to no more than 10 guests.

All other events are considered a “social gathering” and those are still to be held to no more than 10 guests.

We are establishing guidelines for our staff to follow and will be updating you on an exact list prior to your event with us. We are currently allowing all events from now through June to postpone to a later available date this year (2020).

We have been told that the Stage 2 re-opening of Texas could come as soon as May 18th! This will bring more updates and hopefully will increase our capacity.

We will continue to keep this page up to date for you to be best informed of what is happening here!

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to a Willows team member.