The willow trees and roses are in full bloom again this Spring, and with new beginnings comes busy seasons! We have 25 lovely couples hosting their weddings here with us on our first full year of business. With that being said, we only have 9 available Saturdays open in 2019 – what an absolute blessing! We also have two cute returning residents in our garden! A few months ago, two ducks landed and made their
Since the grand opening in late September, The Willows Event Center has had the opportunity to show our venue to Lubbock brides, wedding coordinators, and businesses. Our 2019 calendar has filled up quickly with weddings, donor dinners, and luncheons. Our three areas of focus are on weddings, corporate events, and celebrations. Some fun events happening in our space include a donor dinner for Wayland Baptist College, a formal for Raider Sisters for Christ, and an