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Kingdom at Work is a business whose purpose is to “To reveal God and His Kingdom through our work in the marketplace.” The mission behind this company is to help leaders in the corporate world find their “why.” This team has worked with business leaders all over the globe, ministering to them, and teaching them how to be Christ-like business owners and CEO’s. Kingdom at Work offers a variety of services including 3-Day Workshops, 1-Day
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The Willows team loves making deep connections with our wedding couples! We feel so privileged to be a part of their day and work hard to make it a wonderful experience, start to finish! Bethany was so kind and reached out to us after her day to share some love to our team and we are so thankful! “I just wanted to say THANK YOU for everything you did to make our wedding day perfect.
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Wedding planning should be a fun time full of memories that will last forever. At times, this process can be overwhelming. Here are a few steps that can help get you started!   1 ) Enjoy your new fiancé & engagement Congratulations on your engagement! Spend some time soaking up the excitement of planning your future together.   photography by Haley D Photography 2) Tell your family & friends Hop on FaceTime or drive on
Faith and Jayton shared the next chapter of their love story at The Willows and their love for Pride and Prejudice. Such a special day! Their Love Story Faith and Jayton have known each other since they were in 6th grade! What a special time in life to meet your person. They liked each other on and off, but it wasn’t until senior year of high school, being each other’s prom dates, that they really
Rain is good luck on a wedding day!! Erika and Cadry had a beautifully-unique big day on a rainy Saturday in Lubbock.   Their Love Story Erika and Cadry had their first date at Venezia’s in Midland and from that weekend on, Erika was impressed. “I remember being so nervous at first and just knew I probably came off as so awkward. But sure enough, he continued to talk to me. Even that weekend when

If you are still searching for the ultimate venue for your Lubbock corporate events, business meetings, special wedding adventures, retreats, celebrations or whatever else, read about the amazing events we put on at The Willows and even get to know some of our fantastic staff!

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