Introducing In-House Catering!

Introducing In-House Catering!

In its second season of hosting events, The Willows Event Center team is pleased to announce that dedicated, in-house catering for events is now a reality as of Oct. 20. By providing in-house catering, The Willows is now a one-stop shop for guests planning events with the center. Guests no longer must have multiple contracts with different vendors. Food and logistics can be coordinated through one contract and one point of contact.

Marcie Truby, hospitality director for The Willows Event Center, said the feel and style of the catering menu will be “California fresh.” She said that means the food will have an emphasis on fresh and simple ingredients that will be plated and presented in a beautiful style. “For the people on our team, food is love,” Truby said, “and it is expressed through beautiful plates of food.” Truby said the food and catering menu are a reflection of The Willows Event Center, the garden, and people working at the center.

“As a part of the Betenbough Companies family, the people working at The Willows are truly special,” she said. “We are very relational while planning our events and with the level of service we provide. When hosting an event with us, whether a wedding, other celebration, or corporate event, the warm, professional service will be very evident.”

Truby said The Willows team is committed to providing beautiful, high quality food that is flavorful, simple and fresh. “The pricing is comparable to other caterers in town,” she said, “and we are excited to also offer customized menus to highlight special flavor profiles for brides and event planners who are interested in the food being an important part of their wedding or event.”

The first event hosted in The Willows that featured the use of the new in-house catering was the wedding of The Willows’ “wedding giveaway” winners, Baily and Jared Servantez on Sept. 26.

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