Meet the Team – Ariel Gargula, Event Sales Specialist

Meet the Team – Ariel Gargula, Event Sales Specialist

I moved to Lubbock in 2013 to attend Lubbock Christian University, where I met my amazing husband. In November of 2018, I began working as a Hospitality Specialist at The Willows. Quickly into working here, I took an interest in the fun things happening with the Event Center! I began getting involved in any way I could! I was helping set up before events and tear down after them. I began giving tours and had the opportunity to work a few events. In February of 2019, I began running the social media platforms for the Event Center and continued helping with events when I could. In January 2020, I was offered the position of Sales Specialist for The Willows and was over-the-moon to have this exciting opportunity! I have thoroughly enjoyed learning so many new things in this position and I am super excited for the growth that is still to come!

Where is your favorite place in the world?

I absolutely love Prague, Czech Republic! My husband is from Czech Republic, so we go to visit once a year. I love the architecture and landscape there. Going on long hikes and exploring castles is my absolute favorite way to spend time! Of course, a large part of my love for this place comes from the fact that growing up in Czech Republic made my husband the amazing man he is today! This country will forever have a special place in my heart.

Where is the coolest place you have traveled?

Hands down, Hawaii! My husband and I spent our honeymoon exploring Honolulu, scuba diving, and hiking. We’ve done a lot of traveling, but this was by far my favorite trip ever! I love the ocean – there is something about it that reminds me of how small I am and how great and powerful God is!

Who is your hero?

My fun-loving 5-year-old, Kaydonn, is my hero! Kaydonn came to us when he entered foster care at 3-years-old. This sweet boy has experienced a lot in his short life. He spent the first three years of his life with his birth mom, before going into foster care. Then, lived with a single foster mom for about six weeks before coming to us. Adoption was never “supposed” to be a part of his story. We fostered Kaydonn for one year before we found out we would be adopting him. Our plan and prayer was always to get him back to his birth mom. However, we know that God makes no mistakes and He knew that Kaydonn would become our son before Kaydonn was even born. Despite all this little boy has been through he is the most joyful, fun-loving, kind, little boy I have ever met! He teaches me daily about loving others without holding back. We have fostered over 20 children and Kaydonn has been with us for every single one. He welcomes them, loves on them, teaches them about Jesus, and leads them by example even when they are years older than him. He is incredible and I hope to be a little more like him each day.