Spring at The Willows Event Center

Spring at The Willows Event Center

The willow trees and roses are in full bloom again this Spring, and with new beginnings comes busy seasons! We have 25 lovely couples hosting their weddings here with us on our first full year of business. With that being said, we only have 9 available Saturdays open in 2019 – what an absolute blessing!

We also have two cute returning residents in our garden! A few months ago, two ducks landed and made their home underneath the willow tree for the second year in a row! Last year they had about 6 ducklings join their family. Kris Smith found their home this year and counted 10 little blue duck eggs! Not to mention, he made them a duck ramp that will allow the ducklings to enter and exit the pond with ease! Stay tuned on our Facebook and Instagram for updates on when the ducklings hatch.

While weddings are such an exciting event to host, we do have several other fun events that happen here. We had the privilege of hosting the Texas Tech Athletic Staff Retreat here Friday, May 3rd. The Masked Rider made a special appearance for their event and stayed around for photos with our family! Next year is looking promising as well with 13 weddings already on the calendar! We are extremely excited to see what other events we will get to host!

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